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              Our products :
              Educational electronic products for children
              New Products launch
              • Talking Pen
              • Thinking Pad
              • Story Teller
              • Audio Books
              What do we do
              • Book
              • Electronics
              • App
              and more
              Our Advantages
              • Rich variety of electronic
                carriers of books content
              • Stable increasing
                number of end-users
              • Strong development
              and more
              Cooperation mode
              • Distribute
              • OEM
              • ODM
              The fairs we attend
              • Spring & Autumn Canton Fair
              • Bologna Children’s Book Fair
              • Frankfurt Book Fair
              • Consumer Electronics Show
              Supplier assessment
              • CCC
              • CE
              • FCC
              • ROHS
              Contact Us
              Email Address : easyreadbook@hotmail.com
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              Contact with us
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